How much do storage units cost per month?

We wanted to make the storage process was convenient and low cost. 

What makes us unique is that we bring self-storage right to your door. Of course, you can also load onsite at the Kingcon facility but most customers chose to have their storage unit delivered.  

So how much does Kingcon Storage cost per month?  

Our storage prices start from $3/day for 8 foot storage units.  For a 20 foot storage unit, the price is $4.83 per day or $145 per month. We also have 40 foot storage units available.  If you have larger storage or moving needs, you can rent multiple units.

If you want to load at your home, our delivery fee is simple to calculate.  The delivery fee is $50 and $3/km from our Burlington facility.  Minimum delivery fee is $75.

We are always available to discuss your needs, just give us a call. We also provide quick, no-obligation quotes through our online quote form.

Whether it is low-cost storage or moving services, give Kingcon call! We look forward to speaking with you.

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