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8 ft Storage Unit
8 ft Storage Unit
20 ft Storage Unit
20 ft Storage Unit
40 ft Storage Unit
40 ft Storage Unit



8 ft storage unit rentals are loaded at the Kingcon Facility in Burlington, Ontario. Our most popular 20 ft & 40 ft storage unit rentals can be loaded at the Kingcon facility or delivered to you for loading.  For delivery, low-cost transportation fees apply and are dependent on distance.


Schedule delivery of single or multiple 20ft and 40 ft steel moving pods to your location for loading. Once loaded, we will pick up and deliver to your new address. If you need storage between moves we can store at the Kingcon Facility in Burlington, Ontario or a location of your choice. You only pay for the number of days, weeks, or months you need storage along with the low-cost transportation fees.

Call us a call to discuss your specific moving and storage needs and we can give you an exact quote via phone, email, or by using our quote form on the contact us page.

Kingcon Storage Guarantee

  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Admin Costs
  • No Locked Storage Contracts
  • Flexible Terms  
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